ABC-V is now “Fostering Relationships”

We recently told our foster parents about ABC-V, an innovative approach that allows foster parents to provide real-time coaching to bio families by being present during Family Time interactions.

Thus far, nine SaintA caregivers have been trained in the ABC-V intervention model and are interested in joining this pilot once the time is right. Children placed in their home need to be between 0 and 6 years old and it needs to be safe and appropriate for the caregiver to supervise the bio family interaction session.

“Fostering Relationships” is more descriptive

As we continue on this journey in collaboration with many other Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) sites across the country, we have learned many nuances about the ABC-V intervention and tackled many challenges; one of them being the confusion around the title of ABC-V. So, after much discussion, the QPI team has decided to revise the name of the ABC-V model to “Fostering Relationships” which is a much more accurate reflection of the high-quality work that goes into this intervention.

Below is a quote from Carole Shauffer from the Youth Law Center in Texas, who is a co-founder of QPI as well as the Fostering Relationships intervention.

“We changed the name because ABC-V was being confused with Mary Dozier’s 10 session in-home intervention, ABC,” says Shauffer. “While the two are based on the same science, they are very different. Fostering Relationships focuses not only on improving parenting and attachment but on supporting the partnership between the foster parent and the birth parent.”

Here at SaintA, we think the new name better captures this spirit and is easier to understand. We hope that all participants, trainers, caregiver parents, birthparents, and caseworkers will be able to give us examples of how they were able to foster stronger relationships through this form of visitation.

If you have any questions regarding the Fostering Relationships intervention or the pilot program at SaintA, please feel free to contact me at 414.465-1358.